Health and Safety

Dear Client,

With the challenges we are all currently facing I wanted to take a moment and address ways in which we are attempting to continue the services with which you have become accustomed, and inform you of ways we are addressing our facility to help minimize any potential impact to you and our employees.

Conduct of Business: Where and when able we will attempt to do as much effective communication via phones and internet, to minimize direct contact in person.

Service Department: If you have any special restrictions on your travel, we may with advance arrangement be able to pick up your vehicle (within reasonable distance from the Center), service your vehicle and return it to you.

Sales Department:  Starting March 26th, 2020, our showroom will be closed as requested by Governer Inslee. Our website is still active for clients that would like to shop online and still send inquiries to the team about a vehicle or any other sales-related questions. We will update our site on an opening date when that information becomes available.

Parts Department: A significant portion of our retail parts sales are already done via phone or internet. We can on your request for many items ship directly to you. Your parts specialist will inform you if we are able to assist with this.

Hygiene: If you are visiting you may see members of our staff sanitizing or disinfecting common contact areas of the facility. We are intending to do this between each unique client visit.

Hours of Operation: Like many of you, our employee’s personal lives have been impacted and we are modifying our hours of operation to accommodate the current needs of the market. Please check our website or Google for current hours, we will update those sites with as much advance as we can.

In closing I want to assure you that we will continue to be as proactive as we can reasonably be, and conform to request by Government and the Manufacturer, to provide the best and safest environment at our Center.

Our sincerest thoughts to your health and well-being.

Kind regards,

George W Stanley

General Manager